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Service/Sales industry expansion seminars

I have been in a service providing industry at a premiere salon and spa (Cass And Company Salon) for 15+ years. Over these years I have obtained and secured hundreds of healthy client relationships while educating and mentoring new employees along the way. With this service expertise I have also been in sales throughout that duration as well. I am seasoned on growing a healthy clientele, having hard conversations with clients, “firing clients”, topics in price increases with clients, establishing respect from the client as well as trust because without trust, there is no long term investment from the client. I have since decided to expand my skills in an entirely new service industry. Over the past 4 years, I have used these same tactics to now build my new business in fitness. With 1on1 clients, to online clients across the country, my methods continue to speak for themselves. I am currently an author of 5 Ebooks which have been sold not only across the nation but internationally as well. Being in my early 30s I can help build your service industry, sales team and or business by speaking from a fresh and current perspective.

Fitness Seminars

As a fitness coach at Iron Valley Barbell I have been trained by world record holder (husband) and gym owner Zach Homol. His knowledge and training experience over the past decade and a half has formed my training style. From helping ladies lose multiple inches and pounds to teaching them form for powerlifting competitions, I am here to grow you! With my down to earth style I am able to help and grow the very beginner athlete as well as help advance the experienced lifter. I have been able to provide, encourage and help execute fitness plans with small businesses to help their team feel empowered. It is my gift to give others the knowledge, understanding and confidence that a healthy FUN and fit lifestyle is attainable!

Encouragement/Lifestyle Speaking

A current speaking engagement at Purdue University left the classroom full of motivation and hope looking into their upcoming future. Life has handed me curveballs that would give many the excuse to give up or play a victim. Instead I have taken that adversity and spent countless years with a life coach and speaking regularly on my podcast (Be The One Percent/The Zach Homol Show) to overcome my hardships and motivate those that need it. Maybe your employees aren’t getting along, or maybe your daughter is being bullied, maybe your college student has no idea what to do with their life, maybe your small business just needs encouragement... whatever that looks like to you I am here to help steward and grow your situation into a positive one. I love speaking and am here for you!


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