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My goal is to help transform your life through online coaching without the need for a very complex system to produce the results you have always been looking for.

Your story to a better you begins today...

If you’re ready to take the leap then let’s get started!

How It Works

Choose e-book

We being by choosing an Ebook of your choice (I recommend the Body By Ash as it is a full body program)

 Bi-weekly, we begin by having a 30 minute Facetime appointment to go over your upcoming training week.  This is where all specific questions are answered and customization to the program is done. We review every exercise that upcoming week focusing on form breakdown as well as the personalized adjustments.

Not only are you now prepared for what your programming looks like that week, you are now equipped with detailed form breakdown to give you the confidence needed to power through!  Throughout the week I am available for texting/video texting to critique your form and answer any questions (a 24hr grace period is needed for response).

At the end of the week, I will have you take your measurements and pictures so we can capture the changes we often forget about as time goes on.

More Important Information

Inside each Ebook is a nutrition guide with two different options to choose from and a standard grocery list. (For more detailed nutrition I can refer you to our nutrition coach as that is a separate service)  

For this online coaching option, It is $200 a month or $550 for a 3 month commitment.

Regardless of where you live or if you just want to workout in the comfort of your home, online training is the perfect option to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Having the weekly checkins and motivation will truly encourage you to not give up and finally love the skin you’re in! I have such a passion for one on one coaching as I have seen lives transform before my eyes.  The amount of ease and practicality that comes with online coaching is quite relieving. It is my desire to help you bring out the inner badass that is dying to be released!

Pricing Table


Month to month commitment

E-book of choice
Bi-weekly FaceTime calls
Form Breakdowns
Nutrition Guide
Open Communication

3 Months

Upfront commitment

$550/3 months
E-book of choice
Bi-weekly FaceTime calls
Form Breakdowns
Nutrition Guide
Open Communication


I’ve watched Ash literally change the lives of her clients daily! One of the top trainers in Indy without any doubt!


Ash is a phenomenal trainer. Love watching her do her thing every day with her clients. Always learning new movements from her!


As one of Ashley’s clients, this has HANDS DOWN been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to train with her. Not only have I lost weight and inches, I have gained strength physically and mentally with her motivating and encouraging training style. I am a lifer!


Committing to this was the smartest thing I did this past year! Love the in person option of 1on1 training, the camaraderie of training in tandem with someone else and of course being able to take it all with me to get the job done wherever I am… literally, wherever in the world!


I am only on day two of Cut It Out but just wanted to let you know, I am feeling so good! I came across your page on a whim and bought your Cut It Out plan and I’m so loving every moment of it. So, thank you for it. It’s amazing knowing it was designed by women for women and gives me the confidence that i can do it!


I love arriving at the gym and having the Cut It Out program laid out for me. I would be one of those people that would walk into a gym and not know where to begin. Having CIO makes for a more enjoyable and efficient workout and I feel my time is spent more wisely not having to guess what to do.


Tomorrow I will finish my first week of Body By Ash and it’s completely changed my life! I have so much energy and I love having a program to follow. Thank you so much for writing this and I can’t wait to see what you will come up with next!


Loving Body By Ash! Thank you for adding a specific warm-up for each day. Thank you for all your hard work on this latest ebook. Getting stronger in VA!