Let’s Be Real

Let’s be real…

Let’s talk about that JC Penny ad with the perfect family in their new fall attire, smiling from ear to ear.

What about that Pampers commercial where the mom is freshly showered, appears rested and snuggled up to the most peaceful baby?

With each passing day, we receive clarity on what is real and what is fabricated. Boasting to be something perfect not only tears apart your reality but it tears apart others realities as well. When we can’t measure up to something, we begin to feel defeated. All of our efforts to achieve perfection fail and we are left with feelings of defeat and low self esteem.


Often times we can get so caught up in what everything appears to be and not what everything really is.  Being human, there is a constant battle in my head of areas I feel I don’t measure up to. Every day that voice can continue to get louder or I can armor up and go to battle with this one simple question…

“Ashley, stop. What are the facts?”

By challenging myself to answer what’s real, I am able to recreate feelings of success, empowerment and a contagious example to others of self love.

This. Truly. Works.

What are the facts? Because I can tell you this much, Pampers is lying. There’s no peaceful baby and I can still remember brushing my teeth with acne cream.

This question has been a great tool to help keep my emotional side in check. It helps me to stay focused on my purpose, my calling and my reality.  Everything in life is a test, do we conform to living a lie or do we rise up and set the example to others of what is real. Someone once told me they struggled with the same issues of being a mom that I did and in that moment I couldn’t have felt more relieved. Why do we try and appear so perfect all of the time when 0 PERCENT of us are. There are so many growing moments when people are told, “me too” instead of false lies.  My challenge to all of you is to ask yourself in those situations, “What are the facts?” From that you will receive clarity on what you need to do next. So get out there, LET’S BE REAL and it’s time to change that JC Penny ad.

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