Be a Hero and Wash the Windows

Inside each of us is a desire to become something great. Something our family will be proud of. A legacy we can leave behind. When we begin the search to find out what that might be, we look around at how everyone else became great. We take very detailed mental notes of what everyone else is doing, which begins the downward spiral of comparison. What we fail to do is look inside ourselves and see what we can offer.

We say:

….he will leave something behind because he is being inducted into the hall of fame, I can’t measure up to that

.….her family is going to be so proud of her because she started up a successful law firm and I didn’t even finish college.

I was meant for normalcy and they were meant for greatness.UGH, even typing that was depressing. Each and every one of us has a platform that no one else does.  Each of us have been designed in a unique way for such amazing reasons. Turn the world off, turn the comparisons off, and look at this picture.

It was another rough day of recovery at Motts Children’s Hospital for my 21 month old son. Anyone who has lived in a hospital room for more than a week knows that your reality becomes very exhausting. Feelings of happiness were hard to muster up and each day seemed longer than the first. Keeping a baby who’s full of tubes and IVs entertained, comfortable and happy is definitely a challenge.  I remember thinking, God, please send some relief; I need to feel the joy again.

Moments later, the most beautiful act kindness was outside his hospital window.  A superhero washing the windows. The most incredible example of someone having a desire to be great; to not just be a label, but to be a change. To leave a legacy behind. To be the hero to this little heart defected boy. To bring him back that smile. Were they famous YouTubers? No. Were they hall of famers? No. They were simply given a platform that no one else had. They gave that 1-year-old something to smile about. They gave that mom a feeling of relief. If they had labeled themselves and believed their talents were a waste compared to what others talents were, then where would that smile have come from? I will forever be thankful for those window washers who took a job and turned it into something so impactful.Look at your platform. Where can you help save someone and leave behind something great? Don’t allow the world to hold you back because of the labels and judgments of others. Wherever you are, whatever season you are in, it is for a purpose. Be proud of who you were designed to be. Any time you feel you don’t have anything to offer, remember the window washers and be the hero.

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