5 Toxic Things Keeping You From Your Full Potential

Self doubt: We are so quick to compare ourselves with someone else’s life. We glorify other people’s accomplishments and diminish what we are capable of. We need a wake up call. The vast majority of people didn’t just become great overnight. In the movie Pursuit of Happiness we learn that our circumstances do not define us. Can we let it? Yes of course. But that’s what it comes down to; a choice. To either start training your mind towards greatness or live this one life wallowing in self pity. We are responsible for our own lives. You have talents and gifts that can be used or wasted. It’s your choice.

What will people think: A man was once asked on his death bed what was the key to living a happy and full life? He replied not caring what people think. We become so caught up in how many likes our picture gets on IG, who agrees with us politically and if my parents agree with me not getting a college degree. While it is good to be conscience of leading our lives respectfully towards others, that doesn’t mean we should be fueled by the opinion of others. Be very cautious of who you share your dreams, goals and desires to. That is an extremely vulnerable position to put yourself in and if we allow it, a loved one, friend or coworker’s opinion can completely destroy that desire within us. Keep your circle small and your vision large and do not allow other people’s fears to dictate what you are destined to become.

Guilt: As we begin changing our lives and start experiencing growth, we can start to feel guilty for putting ourselves first. It’s something that can creep out of nowhere or someone close to you can become jealous of your progress and say “you’ve changed. Do you think you’re better than everyone now?” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Progression requires confidence. Never feel guilty for wanting to change your life. We get one shot at this and once today is over we NEVER get it back. Remember if you aren’t whole, nothing around you is. It’s you first. Never feel guilty for that kind of self love.

Excuses: “I have 4 kids, a job, a husband, a house, pta meetings and don’t have time to take care of myself.” If you aren’t careful you will begin to become extremely bitter and resentful of those things rather than grateful and appreciative. It is imperative you find the time for yourself. It is also important you do not harbor feelings of hatred and jealousy to those who do make time for themselves. This then puts you in that victim mindset. Imagine how living in that lie can influence the development of not just you but your kids and relationships as well. Do not allow excuses to become your crutch. Binge watching Netflix for 4 hrs and then complaining how your life isn’t turning out the way you want isn’t a valid excuse either. We need to take responsibility for the things we allow to hold us back. All it takes is one small step towards your goal and practicing that small step every day. Before you know it that small step will turn into the greatest leap of faith towards the life you’ve always wanted.

Lack of vision: You have to see the possibilities in life. Start simple. Example: “I want to work every day on doing something that makes me happy so I can start seeing my life more clear.” That’s exactly what it is. It’s your life. You aren’t living it for anyone else. Do responsibilities strip us of focusing on our vision now and then? Of course. Life can interrupt us at times but that doesn’t mean you still can’t practice a small vision. Just like training your body physically, you have to start somewhere. You will grow more and more each day with your purpose by just taking the smallest of steps. What legacy are you leaving behind? What imprint are you placing on this world? We are never promised tomorrow. Start removing the barriers that keep you from your full potential and begin living your life on purpose.

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